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Golabi studio started as an indie game development company in 2009. To us being independent means being free in using our creativity and choice of games we develop. We do not limit ourselves to a specific genre. We explore different genres where we can create games that are engaging and fun. By creating unique mechanics and immersive gameplay that engage the players in new ways.


Mobile applications

Smartphones and tablets are the way to reach (new) clients and to stay in contact with them interactively, but also a way to improve the structure within your business.
We provide professional, reliable and affordable solutions for application development.

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PGC London 2015

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PGC London is near and we are excited to be there. We will be showcasing our latest game at PGC London 2015. On 13 and 14 january 2015 we will be standing at our indie showcase table with our phones and tablets to show you our latest game. An arcade/action game with incredible gameplay, visuals and game art. If you are at PGC come by our table. We will show…


Big indie pitch at Apps world

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We recently visited big indie pitch at Apps world London and pitched our latest game to some journalist and publishers. While we did not win any prices, the experience was something new and positive to us. Plus we met a lot of interesting developers and people from gaming world. So first of all what is big indie pitch? We had no idea either until we visited one and presented our…

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Rail Zombie

May 14, 2015

The epic of kings

The epic of kings

March 3, 2014



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