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Golabi Studio

Golabi studio is a Netherlands based application and game development company. We are specialized in cutting-edge technology in both application and game development. Our in-house developed technology gives applications and games the right foundation, support and high speed which makes them work quick and flawlessly. Delivering the quality you approve.

Mobile applications

Smartphones and tablets are the way to reach (new) clients and to stay in contact with them interactively, but also a way to improve the structure within your business.
We provide professional, reliable and affordable solutions for application development.


Golabi studio has an active in-house production of games. Off course we also provide solutions to our clients through this amazing medium.


Golabi studio has a free three months support after each delivered project. Off course the support can continue after the three month period for a small fee.


We are actively developing our in-house created rendering engine “Ziba Engine”. Ziba Engine provides high performance, beautiful and reliable rendering capabilities for both mobile and PC.

Some of our latest projects

Games and applications