A game about a farsh (Persian for carpet) , originally developed by award winning indie game developer Mahdi Bahrami , in which the player is put into a minimalistic environment where spatial puzzles are solved by rolling and unrolling a carpet over platforms to find the right connection to the exit point of each level.


Because of the unique form of gameplay and cultured theme of the game, Farsh has been chosen as the #2 best free puzzle game of 2012 by indiegames.com and won a glorious place among the finalists of IGF 2013.

"I never would have thought that carpet could be so much fun when incorporated into a game. This mind-bending puzzler may be one of the most innovative iOS games I’ve played in a long time. "

− Angela LaFollette (148Apps) - (4.5/5)

"Go rolling through a whole new world in magic carpet puzzler Farsh"

− James Gilmour (pocketgamer)