Rail Zombie

In “Rail zombie” you control a train trying to escape a zombie apocalypse. It is not your usual endless runner game. Play in a completely destructible world as you run over zombies and break world objects into pieces. Feel the destruction and experience immersive blood and breaking effects on your mobile screen. Collect weapons and shoot down zombies. And better yet, enter slow motions and blow up zombies in bullet-­time with spectacular explosions as result.
With a rich economic system for upgrades and skills, “Rail Zombie” is a game that focuses on what works on mobile devices and keeps the players engaged.


Easy to grasp, hard to master

The basics of the gameplay are very easy to grasp. You switch rails by swiping to left and right and dash through obstacles by swiping up. However timing is the key to getting further in the game. Your train accelerates for a moment as you dash. Leaving you vulnerable for a moment. Hitting non-explosive obstacle will break your train, decreasing your health. Your health will regenerate in short time. Just try to stay alive until your health has regenerated. But then explosive obstacles and broken rails make it harder as you will die immediately when hitting into them.

Skills and Coins

You gain experience points by killing zombies and destroying world objects. Gaining XP increases your skill-level. You can also collect coins on rails to buy new trains and weapons.


Hitting zombies in a row will give you combos which multiply the gained XP. Hit more than 10 zombies in a row and you get a “Chain kill” which multiplies your gained XP by the number of zombies hit!

Hyper mode

Killing zombies fills your blood-meter. When your blood-meter reaches 100% you enter hyper-mode and become temporally indestructible as your trains moves 3X faster.

Dynamic gameplay

Unlike all other endless runner games on market “Rail zombie” does not rely on timed actions or random events. The game world is generated in real­time based on player actions. Our advanced and unique ​emotion mapping system at the core of gameplay registers every action and event that happens within the game. And populates the world according to those actions. Balancing the emotions of player toward an increasing tension level. Resulting in a unique game experience with each play-­session and keeping the player in flow unlike any other endless game.



Tdigger-zombie-animhe world is full of zombies. Each with different abilities and effects on the gameplay. Unique are the zombie dogs that jump from one rail to another, they are harder to hit but rewarded with higher XP (Experience Points). Diggers are mini-bosses that will move fast and dig on rails; destroying the rails. Jumpers surprise the player by running in from the sides of the screen, grabbing the train from the side and smashing it. Resulting in a glass breaking effect on the screen and decreasing your health. They can only be killed by shaking the device.


At end of each stage you are faced with a boss to defeat. You need to use your selected weapon in bullet-time to hit the bosses. The bosses will become harder to defeat as you beat each stage.


Trains and Weapons

Kill zombies in style


You can unlock fancy new trains. Faster health regeneration, taking less damage from obstacles, faster maneuver. Each train has unique properties. Increase your skill level and collect coins to unlock trains.

Player weapons

You can unlock new powerful weapons as you progress through the game. You can use your weapon by swiping down. When using a weapon you will enter bullet-time mode, giving you a chance to accurately hit your target in slow-motion. Each weapon has its own properties. Unlock the weapons and find the best one that suits you. Pick a rifle for high fire-rate or a grenade launcher for big explosions.

Gun turrets

The player can pick up gun turrets on rails. Automatic weapons attach to top of your train and shoot down zombies and obstacles ahead. The latter helps the player to get further in game. Each weapon is unique and has a different mechanic.

There is heavy machine gun that shoots anything in front of you and auto targeting gun that shoots anything in its range. Of course you will also find more powerful automatic weapons for big explosions. You can also upgrade the automatic weapons and unlock new ones as you level up.


Rail zombie is currently in beta state and is planned to be release in Mid 2016. You can already sign up for early access. Join our beta testing community to receive a beta version of Rail Zombie.

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